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The show has been dormant for some time (years) but its back.

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December 18, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1665: 44 - LibreOffice Calc - Working With Pivot Tables
We take a look at one of the most powerful, but somewhat frightening, features of modern spreadsheets. But knowing the basics of pivot tables should make them a bit less frightening to the newcomer.

December 17, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1664: Life and Times of a Geek part 1
Life and Times of a Geek - part 1 I really liked David Whitman's idea of doing a show on his birthday, so I'm borrowing the idea. This show is being released on my 65th birthday, and I decided to use this opportunity to tell you about my long experience with computational devices as part of the series "How I Found Linux". Thinking about what I want to cover, I realise that it might be quite a lot, so I'm organising the shows into a collection of short episodes. I have been thinking about doing this for a while. Up until now I was concerned that it would be a bit self-indulgent, but I have been advised to just go ahead and do it. I hope you find the shows interesting. The full notes for this episode are to be found here: Links Full notes Great Smog, Wikipedia page Slide Rule Aberystwyth: Town Aberystwyth University Statistical tests: Chi-square test, Student's t-test Mechanical Calculator, Wikipedia page Triumphator Algol 60: Wikipedia entry Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 60: PDF version HTML version Stropping (Syntax) Wikipedia entry Elliott Brothers Elliott Algol Core memory The punched card era: Wikipedia entry

Off the Hook
Off The Hook - Dec 17, 2014

The Linux Link Tech Show
The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 588
java, vagrant, games, marvel and dc

December 16, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1663: Interview with Greg Greenlee Founder of Blacks In Technology
In todays show, Ken interviews Greg Greenlee Founder of Blacks In Technology Blacks In Technology is a tech focused community and media organization focused on increasing diversity in technology. Blacks In Technology's mission is to increase visibility, participation, and change the perception of people of African descent in technology through community focused activities, events and media. Blacks In Technology (BIT) is "Stomping the Divide" by establishing a blueprint of world class technical excellence and innovation by providing resources, guidance and issuing a challenge to our members to surpass the high mark and establish new standards of global innovation. Links

December 15, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1662: LinuxLugCast Episode-001 Outtakes
Some good content that we do not publish.

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – December 15th, 2014 – Monday Afternoon Car Ding Shenanigans
Tony from Arizona wants you to get completely sick of car ding calls so he brings you this third installment of brand new car ding pranks. Thanks, Tony!

December 14, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1661: OggCamp Interview with Paul Tansom
In today's show, Philip Newborough interviews Paul Tansom, a regional co-ordinator for Code Club. In the interview, Philip and Paul discuss: What's involved in being a Code Club volunteer How to get involved How Code Club and the UK national curriculum compliment each other Code Club Pro The interview was conducted at OggCamp 14, a free culture unconference, held in Oxford UK on the weekend of October 4th-5th 2014.

December 12, 2014

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – December 12th, 2014 – Rapping On The Mic To Tell The World I'm A Loser
Rhapsodyman2000 is responsible for yet another show where I'm just rehashing the whole car ding idea again. Thanks, Rhapsodyman2000!

December 11, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1660: Trying out Slackware
mcnalu wrote a article about Slackware in Linux Voice, Issue 6. Beni read this article which lead to him trying out Slackware and being very impressed by its simplicity. That's why he asked mcnalu to do a HPR episode about Slackware, which is probably the oldest Linux Distro that's still around and whose developer follows a no-nonsense strategy and is very conservative when it comes switching to new stuff that comes up in the Linux world (like PAM or systemd) The distro is one of the if not the most Unix-like Linux distro. It uses a BSD style init system instead of widely used sysvinit. Beni and mcnalu talk about the installation process, finding dokumentation and why the website is outdated. Further they discuss the package manager and what it means that it doesn't resolve dependencies. They also explain why this isn't necessariliy a bad thing and where to find binary packages. In the end they talk about where the Slackware community meets and who is in charge of Slackware. Slackware documentation isn't as good the BSDs dokumentation or the Arch Wiki. But it's definitely getting better and there is also 'Slackware essentials', a book that's also available online: The Slackware forum on Linux Questions is pretty much the official Slackware forum: mcnalu announced his Article in the Linux Questions forum: To support the development of Slackware you could buy yourself a Christmas present from the Slackware store:

December 10, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1659: OggCamp Interview with Jon Archer
In today's show, Philip Newborough interviews Jon Archer, the UK Fedora Ambassador. In the interview, Philip and Jon discuss: Jon's role as a Fedora Ambassador Recent happenings in the land of Fedora Jon's involvement with the new UK Fedora Podcast The interview was conducted at OggCamp 14, a free culture unconference, held in Oxford UK on the weekend of October 4th-5th 2014.

Off the Hook
Off The Hook - Dec 10, 2014

The Linux Link Tech Show
The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 587
mysql connection problems, libreoffice woes, star wars, cutting the cable, other good stuff

December 09, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1658: Cool Stuff Part 2
Today I Found Out: Daily Knowledge Podcast: Command Line Tips: using CTRL + Left / Right arrow will allow you to move through a long command word by word instead of moving through each letter. makes making adjustments to a long command much quicker use the "cd -" to move back and forth between previous directories. cd into a directory, then cd into a different on. Now do "cd -" and you will be back to the first directory. XFCE : script that uses xdtool to move window from one monitor to the next Hyperkin Pixel Art Controller: Use with the SNES9x emulator. Works very well

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – December 5th, 2014 – Friday Morning Ironic Pranks with RBCP
Michael Foster is completely responsible for this hour of irony. And the ironic thing is that Rob The Hyena submitted all the numbers for this show. How ironic. Thanks, RTH and Michael! Ironically, this show has nothing at all to do with Trainwreck.

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – December 9th, 2014 – Car Ding Pranks Are Back
Rand al'Thor is the sponsor of the first official show that brings back our beloved car ding prank calls. God bless you, sir! Get ready to learn how much of an idiot you are for not having an MBA.

December 08, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1657: Hacking Gutenberg eBooks
Links to stuff I mentioned in the podcast: Project Gutenberg: "Washington Square" by Henry James: Calibre ebook manager: My "basic ebook" css file:

December 07, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1656: My audio player collection
My Audio Player Collection I got broadband installed in my house in 2005 after I'd bought my first PC. I'd owned a lot of PCs before that, but they had all been cast-offs from the university I was working at, and I accessed the Internet via dial-up to my work. This was around the time I got sick of listening to the radio and first discovered podcasts, and so I decided I wanted a portable audio player (or MP3 Player as they tended to be called back then). Since then I have been listening to podcasts pretty much all of the time and have worked my way through a number of players. I thought it might be interesting if I chronicled the devices I have owned in the past 9-10 years. The full show notes for this episode are available at: hpr1656_full_shownotes.html Links Full show notes hpr1656_full_shownotes.html Rockbox SanDisk Sansa range iRiver H10 series Apple iPod mini

December 04, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1655: 43 - LibreOffice Calc - Creating Pivot Tables
We take a look at one of the most powerful, but somewhat frightening, features of modern spreadsheets. But knowing the basics of pivot tables should make themn a bit less frightening to the newcomer.

December 03, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1654: Using AS numbers to identify where you are on the Internet
A unique ASN is allocated to each AS for use in BGP routing. AS numbers are important because the ASN uniquely identifies each network on the Internet.

Off the Hook
Off The Hook - Dec 03, 2014

The Linux Link Tech Show
The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 586
richs new house, chef, help lord d, hpr

December 02, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1653: Ruth Suehle at Ohio Linux Fest 2014
Ruth Suehle gave the next-to-last keynote at Ohio LinuxFest 2014 on 2014-10-25. In this talk she discusses the significance of open hardware and maker culture, and how this is something we all should participate in. Maker culture is an essential part of the free and open culture we belive in when we talk about open source. And we need to be vigilant to protect our values in the hardware space. As an example she tells us about Bre Pettis and Makerbot, which at one time were very open, but have turned aginst this value as they became more successful. In the final analysis, it is up to us to protect open hardware by voting with our dollars/euros/whatever.

Phone Losers
Snow Plow Show – December 2nd, 2014 – DEA Phone Taps
Today's Snow Plow Show is sponsored by D. Glad. Thanks, D. Glad, for sponsoring today's impersonation of DEA employees. You will be implicated with the rest of us.

December 01, 2014

Hacker Public Radio
HPR1652: GeekSpeak 2013-06-01
As part of Hacker Public Radio's continuing effort to showcase Creative Commons Works, we are proud to present GeekSpeak. GeekSpeak is produced as a radio show for community based station KUSP in Monterey CA, and rebroadcast as podcast, available from It is a generally a lighthearted and humorous general technology news show, with topics including electronics, computing, robotics, and green tech. Often guest speakers and authors from the technology world will come on for interviews. The shows are just about an hour long. The regular hosts are Bonnie Jean Primbsch, Lyle Troxell, Miles Elam, and Ben Jaffe (see the full roster). You can often hear them thanking the "Puppetmaster" for letting them continue to use the name GeekSpeak. After broadcasting for several years, it was discovered the term "GeekSpeak" had been registered as a service mark by David Lawrence for a podcast of his own. You might remember Lawrence as the actor who played the character on "Heroes" with the telekinetic ability to physically manipulate other characters against their will. GeekSpeak has a long standing tradition of using Devo's "Through Bein' Cool" as intro music, so only those episodes that employ user contributed music instead are actually released Creative Commons. What you are about to hear, from the 1st of June of 2013, is just such an episode. Links - This is another KUSP show, often dealing with sciencetific topics. I mention it here, because I originally wanted feature a GeekSpeak that I had found fascinating, even though it featured none of the regular hosts : "Hany Farid, Digital Image Detective with Robert Pollie of The 7th Avenue Project" Basically, Farid talked about the methods he uses to determine whether a digital image has been altered. Ultimately, since it was a re-broadcast of an earlier "7th Avenue Project", and not knowing the original licensing, I decided to bring you a more traditional and recent sample of GeekSpeak.

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